Today I’m sharing with you a recipe that’s been all the rage on my Instagram and I can imagine you’re only waiting for one thing: that I post the recipe here, of course! Hahahaha….
I know you don’t like long introductions, so without further ado, I’m going to let you put on your aprons and head to the kitchen!
When a pie decides to put in its simplest device to offer us something powerful and comforting, it gives a raw pie.
The duo of chocolate and peanut butter no longer have to prove their efficacy, it’s a definite treat for me!
Peanut tart and salted butter with caramel flavour.
These pancakes are made with sweet almond dough, peanut cream, salted caramel butter and peanut ganache.
It is recommended to prepare the sweet dough, peanut praline and ganache one day before assembling the tart.
Peanut cream and salted caramel butter can be made for D-Day.
Starting !
°350 g of type 80 flour
°200 grams of brown sugar
°5 tablespoons of peanut butter
°150 ml of water
Mix the dry ingredients
Add the peanut butter and mix with your fingers until you get a sandy mixture.
Gradually adding water while mixing
Knead the dough for 5 minutes
Your dough is ready!

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