Crying Husband Asks His Infertile Wife to Be Mom to One of Twins He Had with His Late Mistress

A man of faith stepped out on his wife and later decided to manipulate her with the results of his own doing. The woman is torn between choosing herself and falling for the trap.

A Reddit user, who is a 29-year-old female, shared a shocking story on the platform involving her 44-year-old husband. The couple has been together for five years and married for two.

She revealed they crossed paths at church, where she started attending after she moved cities for her career. The woman works for an insurance company, while her spouse is a pastor.

She acknowledged their significant age difference stating that although he was much older than her, “he was always kind to me and made me feel special.”

The woman then started sharing her story on the platform and revealed that a week prior, her husband came home and told her they needed to talk.

The Husband Makes a Jaw-Dropping Confession While in Tears
“He told me through tears that he had been having an affair with one of our community members (34F) and that she had been pregnant with twins,” the woman revealed.

The mistress had gone into labor giving birth to the twins. However, she and one of the twins passed away while the other was admitted to the NICU.

This was when her entire world got turned upside down. He told her they needed to step up to care for the child and that she had to transform her home office into a nursery.

The woman instantly became distressed and told her spouse she needed time to think about it. She informed him she was unsure about what he had just suggested and he threw another curveball at her. The Reddit user divulged:

“He told me that I had made a vow to him in marriage and that God had blessed us with a child.”

The husband told his wife that God would not give them something they could not handle. But the woman swiftly responded, telling him, “It seemed God had given her more than she could handle because she had died,” referring to his mistress. But she expressed regret in the post, saying she was not thinking straight.

Still, her husband struck her for saying that and told her she “needed to serve” her spouse. He claimed God chose her to be the infant’s mother and that she needed to be his “humble servant.” The woman explained she “felt strange” about the ordeal, adding that she cried so hard and ended up throwing up.

She brought up the fact that another woman had died, and yet she was feeling awful for herself, saying: “I feel so ugly. I wanted children and was saving for IVF because I am infertile, but now that I have a chance to have a child and I do not want it.”

The woman contemplated leaving her husband and his child. She expressed optimism over being young enough to start over, adding she has a remote job and can take a day off to pack up and leave when he is not around.

The Woman Updated Reddit Users & Expressed Confusion
After telling online users her story, the woman later gave an update about what had occurred since her husband’s confession. She thanked everyone for their support.

Afterward, she stated that she was still thinking everything over and processing what had happened, adding that she needed a little more time to decide her fate.

The social media user noted she does not necessarily feel unsafe in her own home but unloved. She revealed her husband apologized for slapping her and continues to show remorse but argued that it is something he cannot take back.

The woman said the same applies to him cheating on her and impregnating someone who later lost her life. She admitted to “feeling so disillusioned” with her life.

The woman said she knew she had to leave her spouse but was afraid of change. According to her, she is working on a plan to go but is uncertain about when she will eventually choose to do so.

She noted many Reddit users advised her to report the slapping incident to the police but believed it would cause more problems for her.

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If she decided to leave him, he would contest the divorce, and if she stayed, things could get more tense in the house. The woman revealed she had been getting defense lessons and would be ready if he attempted something again.

She explained that she was not violent but would defend herself if need be, adding “[…] Although I’m hurt, I am angry.” The woman said she prayed about her situation and still needed a solution. She was unsure how to proceed.

Meanwhile, many of her fellow Reddit users advised her to leave while she could because her husband disrespected her and their vows and would probably hit her again because she did not do anything about it the first time.

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