Use salt in the toilet: grandmother’s tip!

Salt is renowned for its versatile roles in our households, especially in culinary arts. But did you know that a mere 100 grams of salt can be a solution to a common issue that frequently emerges in our homes – maintaining a sparkling, white toilet?
The bathroom demands meticulous attention to ensure it remains in pristine condition, particularly the toilet, which often requires a bit of elbow grease to keep it gleaming. While numerous cleaning products are available in the market, some can be quite harsh, potentially damaging ceramic surfaces and sometimes even posing risks to the user due to their aggressive chemical composition.
A Foolproof Tip with Salt in the Loo? Let’s Dive In!
Believe it or not, alternative, gentler solutions may already be lurking in our cabinets, ready to be deployed in our cleaning routine. Today, let’s delve into a simple method using kitchen salt to render your bathroom fixtures sparkling clean. Here’s a straightforward recipe for your DIY cleaning concoction:

A handful of baking soda

100 grams of coarse salt

100 ml of water


Create the Mix: In a bowl, combine the coarse salt and baking soda. Gradually add water, stirring until a cream-like mixture forms. This age-old remedy might seem simple, but you’ll be astonished by its efficacy.

Apply Generously: Transfer a portion of the mixture into the toilet, using a brush to ensure it adheres evenly to all surfaces. Refrain from flushing and leave the mixture to work its magic overnight.

Reveal the Shine: The following morning, flush the toilet to reveal a wonderfully clean and whitened surface, thoroughly sanitized and gleaming.

For An Extra Boost:

Combat Limescale: Consider adding white vinegar to the mixture to enhance its cleaning power and effectively tackle limescale.

Versatility: This mixture isn’t just limited to your toilet. It can also be utilized to clean various bathroom surfaces, including tiles.

Protecting our homes from potential damage and ourselves from potentially harmful substances is paramount. This easy-to-make cleaning compound not only ensures our toilets are spectacularly clean and white but also protects the ceramic and our skin from the harsh chemicals found in conventional cleaning products.

Take a moment, explore the latent potentials of everyday items in your home, and you might discover a treasure trove of safe, effective, and budget-friendly cleaning solutions, just like this one!

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