Husband Leaves Wife 8 Months Into Her Pregnancy, Weeks Later She Finds This In The Oven

Amanda told the heart-touching event that happened to her. She had gone through a difficult period as she could not get pregnant for three years.


Finally, she received the news that she was pregnant and the couple was very happy.

They settled in a new house and had the intention of doing everything to create a suitable environment for their family.

Both of them were very happy but something broke their happiness. An unexpected event affected Amanda a lot and she was injured.

Her husband informed her that he was leaving and he chose this way to give her this news.

Amanda is eight months pregnant when her husband decided to leave. Their life had become very difficult and they had many bills to pay.

Amanda has shown that her pregnancy was not easy and her friend confirmed this.

“I did not know that something like this would happen.This was not what we planned for our future. This was an event that shocked me a lot.”

Now she was trying to find a new life to raise her child. Now it will be very difficult for her to raise her child.

She decided to tell her story to inspire young girls who are in the same situation as her. Amanda shared her story of when her life changed when her husband left when she was 8 months pregnant.
Amanda revealed that her desk was filled with baby gear and she was paid for the baby carriage. But a bigger event made Amanda cry.

She pays you 4,000 dollars for the equipment for the child, including also a car seat for the baby. When she reached for the oven in the kitchen, she found inside the oven $10,000 donated by Middlesex Academy Learning Center to help pay off her mortgage.


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