RubbIе, Thе WơrId’s Oidеst Cat, Diеd At Thе Agе Of 31

At the age of 31, the world’s oldest cat рassеd awау. Rubble, the beautiful Maine Coon, was given to Michele Heritage as a 20th birthday present and has been with her ever since.

Michele, 52, has paid homage to her beloved feline companion, who celebrated his 31st birthday by becoming the world’s oldest known cat. In cat years, that’s over 150 years old!

The senior cat was in good health and had no known health issues. On the 3rd of July, 2020, the lovely cat died of old age after getting weak.

Michele, from Exeter, claimed the dog died tragically before reaching the age of 32. Her pet cat “went across the road” and “never returned,” she claimed.

Michele attributes Rubble’s long life to the fact that she never had children and thus treated him as if he were a child.
“It was a huge accomplishment for him, since he would have been 32 in May. He was an incredible friend with whom I had the pleasure of sharing my life for such a long period “Michele said.

“I got him when he was a kitten shortly before my 20th birthday.”

We broke the record for the cat with the longest lifespan. This previous record was held by Scooter, a Siamese Texas who lived 30 years before he died in 2016.
Creme Puff, the oldest cat in the world, sưrvivеd to the age of 38 years and 3 days.

“We never tried to get into the Guinness Book of Records. Given his age, I did not want to do it. We were not interested in the album,” explains Michelle.


“He Iơst a lot of weight. I went to work as normal, and when I returned home, my husband informed me that Rubble had gone over the road likе he did every day and never returned, so we believe he died as cats do.”

“He was a creature of habit, and he had his favorite locations to sleep and eat, so we knew when that stopped happening.”

“He was half of a litter cat that my sister’s friend had, and I had just left home,” Michele recalls of her first meeting with Rubble on her twentieth birthday.

“I’ve always loved him likе a child, despite the fact that I don’t have any children and previously owned a cat named Meg, who died at the age of 25. It lasts if you care about anything, no matter what it is.”


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