Heroic Mother Cat Runs Into Burning Barn To Save Her Kittens

If you are a mother, you know of the instincts that draw you to protect your children. And chances are if you had a mother, then you know they can almost magically appear out of nowhere. Usually when you are causing trouble or in trouble. That’s something that is found across almost every living species on the planet. More so in the animal kingdom where the young are traversing the unknown world, learning from their mistakes.

They rely on their parents to protect them, even when they have no clue they are doing so. But those motherly instincts counteract every self-preservation gene in one’s body if their babies are in trouble.

Because inside that barn was where the family called home. Being semi-feral, she had been welcomed at the farmland as a working cat. Hopefully she is/was fixed and this was her last litter of kittens. Sadly, when the structure caught fire, these kittens were inside the barn having lunch.

Mama ran in several times to find and savе her children, but just one was able to be savеd. The solitary survivor of the litter is a little black kitten with white paws.

The brave mother didn’t escape unscathed however. She burned parts of her paw pads, ears and entire tiny body. Smoke inhalation was also a problem for the hero. And as much as the homeowners wanted to do so, they were unable to pay for her medical costs. But they knew they couldn’t let her suffer.

So they reached out to a local Edmonton, Canada shelter, Furget Me Not Animal Rescue. Although the rеscuе is maxed out at capacity, there was no way they could deny helping the survivors.

With the semi-feral mom, healing was not going to be simple. However, as she grows, her rough veneer may go away as her wounds heal.

Mama was immediately treated for her unimaginable pain, x-rayed to assess the extent of the smoke inhalation damagе to her lungs, given antibiotics, sedation, and her wounds were treated.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to provide her with multiple medications & salves for her burns every 8hrs, while her ears and the pads of her paws fall off.

If you would likе to help “Furget Me Not” help the bravest mother cat there ever was, please follow them on social media and show your support!
This is one of hundreds of cats and kittens that they have helped during this massively overwhelming year. But there was just absolutely NO chance of abandoning her in her time of need.

In addition to the initial medical costs to stable this little family, once they’ve fully healed and the baby has grown, we’ll need to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip them before they can be adơрted said vet.


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