Cat Chooses To Go On Little Adventures With All Her Toys

Meet Mix, this beautiful 12-year-old tuxedo cat lives in the UK with her human, Beth Wilson.

Pixie isn’t only a beautiful and loving cat when it comes to her human — she’s also very generous with perfectly inanimate objects.

Like other cats, Pixie is naturally curious and likes to explore. Pixie is constantly curious about what is around the next corner, whether she is indoors or outside. And it appears that Pixie also wants to give her various plush toys the sense of adventure.

For instance, if Pixie likes sleeping on her back in the garden, she could deduce that one of the plush animals in her menagerie might as well and bring it along.

Other times, when Pixie is seeking something a bit more thrilling than lying on her back with her paws up, she brings one of her toys along, too — be it a little lion, a tiger or a little stuffed tuxedo cat that looks just like her.

Wilson told, “If she senses that I’m observing her, she stops and puts the toy down.” Wilson does, however, occasionally succeed in taking a snapshot before Pixie notices.

Wilson said, “In the summer, she likes to take them into the garden. “Sometimes she only gives them a tour before bringing them back inside. Sometimes they are abandoned in the greenhouse. She will place toys on a blanket I spread out on the lawn to use as a seat.”

Pixie’s adventures with her toys don’t end just because the weather becomes cooler.

Wilson remarked, “In winter she just carries them around the house. She could bring multiple people into one room.

Once a week, when a house cleaner comes, Pixie shows just how conscientious she is with her stuffed menagerie.”She puts all the toys back in the toy box,” Wilson said. “As soon as the cleaner leaves she gets several back out of the box and puts them around the house.”

Pixie’s escapades are more than simply for fun; they truly have a good effect on those who are close to her.

Twelve years ago, I adopted her as a kitten, Wilson recalled. “She completely altered my life. She looks after me when I’m not feeling well and always makes me feel better.”

If they could, her dolls’ toys must also feel the same way.


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