After Losing His Grandchildren The Grandfather Enjoys The Presence Of The Cat

This is the cute and heartbreaking story of the “sticks”, or as its owner Min, Ikeab calls it, a cat with a cute face. An intersection between a Scottish and a Persian.

Kiap lives with Ms. Min, who adopted her when she was a few months old, and is a cat with so much heroism she can not help but discover.

From a shy little cat that dared not play, IKEA began to reveal more. Of course, one of its hallmarks is stubbornness, wickedness, and a tendency to break things at home. From rice pots to mosquito nets I also like to sleep separately in the fridge.

Every time someone opens the fridge the cat will be immediately thrown in the fridge. Convinced to come out, he refused to leave except to get up.

Grandpa, Mrs. Min’s father, owner of IKEA I know how the stick behaves. So set a lot of rules like “Do not let cats enter the room. The sofa will break soon “and” Do not leave the refrigerator open. The cat will come in. ” But he looked like a fluffy cat. You will not pay attention to grandpa’s rules.

Now, the owner indicates that the cat can open the refrigerator door itself.

Grandpa saw the incident as the cat was climbing into the fridge. He He personally sat down and filmed the clip and I send it to my daughter After the cat sat in the fridge he just sat down and watched it. and photograph them with pleasure.

This time no one could shout at the cat, as the grandfather was a co-worker.

Damn it, chopsticks don’t care.

Grandparents feel satisfied in the company of cats. The house often becomes a mess, they do not get upset, they just stop and look at them with a smile.


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