The New Sign Her Family Placed In The Bathroom Has Offended The Cat Greatly

A little less than a year ago, Lila’s family adopted her from the Nebraska Humane Society. Not long after moving into her new house, she developed an obsession with playing in the toilet.

Lila’s mother, Maddie Swigart, told The Dodo that Lila has been fascinated with playing in the toilet for approximately six months. She differs from other cats in that she has an odd obsession with water. She has enjoyed dipping her paws into the water ever since she was old enough to hop up on the toilet.

While Lila’s family finds her absolutely adorable in every other way, they started getting a little tired of her toilet antics and came up with a way to try and keep the toilet lid closed whenever it wasn’t being used.

“I finally got tired of having to wipe the excess toilet water off of the toilet seat after Lila had her fun,” Swigart said. “We also had a time where one of our guests would go to use the restroom and come out concerned that someone may have missed the toilet because the seat was wet.”

Swigart decided to put up a sign on the back of the toilet that says, “Please put the lid down so the damn cat doesn’t play in the water lol.” Once the sign was up and the lid was down, Lila jumped up on the toilet to investigate — and was very offended by the new bathroom sign.

“I laughed so hard,” Swigart said. “I loved how it looked like she was reading the sign. Lila has such a smart but sassy personality so I could just picture her reading the sign and thinking, ‘What the heck, Mom?’”

To Lila’s dismay, but fortunately for her family, the sign has been effective, and the lid now closes anytime the toilet isn’t in use. Of course, Lila still tries to get around the new restriction whenever she can since she sorely misses being allowed to play in the bathroom.

In order to attempt to beat you to the toilet before the lid closes, she would practically sit and look at you as you use it, waiting for you to get up, according to Swigart. She jumps up on top of the lid whenever I flush while it is down and she appears to be trying to open it by swatting at it. She has tremendous personality!


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