A Kitty With A Bent Head Finds His Way Into A Family’s Heart

A kitty with a bent head triumphed against all odds to remain in the home of his dreams.
After being found wounded, a small orange kitten was rushed to a veterinary center in Massachusetts. As a consequence of an attack by another animal, the kitten came with a back injury and a bent head.

Despite the tragedy, the small tabby cat was full of life and only wanted to be cuddled. He need specialized care in order to recover and thrive.

The creator of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, Tara Kay, was asked whether she could look after him. “In head trauma instances, we have a lot of experience.” He weighed barely 200 grams when he was four weeks old.

Despite what had transpired, Murphy, the kitten, seemed to be in good spirits. He was pleasant and anxious to be adored, and every time he was cuddled, his purring motor began to rev up.

“His head is inclined all the time, yet his eyes are clear and his vision appears to be normal.”

To assist the kitten restore his health, Tara began feeding him with a syringe throughout the day. She took him to work at night to continue feeding and caring for him while providing him with all of the attention he need to grow.

Murphy has a soft spot for snuggling from the start. He insisted on being carried over and over again, soaking in the love of everyone around him.

The teeny-tiny tabby began to grow in size and strength. He grew more active and able to move more routinely as his wound healed nicely.

Murphy was a little creature with a tremendous drive to live. His personality began to emerge as he regained his equilibrium.

“He is extremely bright and has the sweetest demeanor on the planet. He purrs constantly and enjoys being held and loved.

The kitten found his inner wickedness and became more curious and playful than he had ever been. He had a ravenous appetite and was gaining weight at a rapid rate.

He’ll probably have a thing for cats for the rest of his life, but it doesn’t stop him from living life like any other cat.

Bean is enamored with his new home’s large shark bed and considers himself a king. He is well cared for and has a kind human mother who provides for all of his requirements.

Bean is enamored with his new home’s large shark bed and considers himself a king. He is well cared for and has a kind human mother who provides for all of his requirements.

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