Couple Travels 3,500 Miles To See The Dream Cat

That was the farthest distance Bethy Campbell and her husband Casey Pettitt were prepared to go in order to bring Muffin to their Spokane, Washington, home.

The couple had seen a photo of Muffin on an adoption website. He seemed to fit the bill for the kind of cat they wanted: an orange tabby, a rescue, and, of course, a cuddle puddle.

There was just one thing.

“And then I see he’s in Iowa,” Campbell tells The Dodo with a laugh.

As in more than 1,700 miles away.

When they responded that they were still interested, the rescue organization Agape Fosters emailed them another image of Muffin.

Then, according to Campbell, “we thought, this has to happen.” “It is significant enough. I can sense our connection.”

The adoption of the couple was authorized. The four-day road adventure then started.

Last Thursday, when Campbell and Pettitt arrived at the residence of Agape founder Dianna Helmers, Muffin was there to greet them.

“He far exceeded our expectations,” Campbell says. “We just walked in and he was immediately so sweet. He just let us pet him and came right up to us.”

Helmers, who had been looking for a home for Muffin because his first owner could no longer take care of him, invited them to stay a little longer.

“They literally drove to get the cat,” Helmers tells The Dodo. “That’s all they did. They didn’t have any relatives. They weren’t visiting anyone else.”

She prepared a spare bedroom for the couple – and their newest family member.

And after spending a night in Iowa, the trio set off for Spokane.

They were still on the road Tuesday afternoon, passing through Montana. But road trips have a funny way of bringing new families together.

“In the hotel last night, he came up to us, watched television with us and lay in the bed,” Campbell says. “He’s just a love bug.”

And that feeling is worth every mile.


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