A Man Converts A Space Behind A Wall Into A Cat’s Bedroo

Bryan Davies and his family welcomed Wyatt, a beautiful rescue cat, into their house a few months ago. And the curious kitten didn’t take long to figure out what his new favorite pastime was.

“Wyatt enjoys looking out the window at birds and squirrels,” Davies told The Dodo.

Rather than making Wyatt wait for birds and squirrels to emerge, Davies came up with a novel solution.

Davies discovered a way to augment Wyatt’s favorite type of entertainment during the winter months, when animals visited Wyatt’s viewing areas less regularly. On a tablet, he looked up bird footage on the internet and presented them to Wyatt.

“We went to YouTube,” Davies continued, “and he liked it.”

Wyatt now got his own personal television. Davies, on the other hand, wanted to give him something even better: his own private viewing area.

After a recent remodeling of his house, Davies had noticed an unused space along a wall near his bedroom. That got him thinking.

“It was the perfect spot for an even tinier bedroom in our tiny bedroom in our tiny home,” Davies said. “So, I opened the wall and started remodeling.”

It was all for Wyatt’s benefit.

Davies completed the little space by adding a small cat bed and other finishing touches.

The little room came together beautifully.

Davies also hung small works of art on the walls that he felt Wyatt would like.

Davies added the finishing touch by mounting his cat’s TV on the wall, allowing him to watch his favorite shows – animal footage — in the privacy of his own small home.

After then, it was time to exhibit Wyatt. What was the cat’s reaction?

Davies stated, “He likes it.”

Davies admits that he wasn’t sure if Wyatt would actually use the tiny room he built. But it quickly became the cat’s go-to spot.

Davies stated, “He spends a lot of time in there, begging to watch his program before having a nap.” “He’s like any other adolescent when it comes to zoning out in front of the television. He also naps a lot. He enjoys it as much as a child who has finally been given his own room.”

Of course, Wyatt does not spend all of his time in the room. However, he seemed to love having his own personal space.

Davies felt that the time and work he put into creating a little place for his family’s cat was well worth it. After all, Wyatt means everything to them.

Davies stated, “He is our best friend.”


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