Cat Who Lived In A Box Of Cardboard Learns What It’s Like To Feel Cozy

Last summer, when Marcy’s family was forcibly evicted, they left her behind and moved out, leaving her on her own outside. She took refuge in an old cardboard box in a neighbor’s yard and stayed there for several months before someone eventually decided they couldn’t let her live there any longer in December.

Rebecca McGinn was at her brother’s house celebrating the birthday of her niece when he informed her that a cat had been residing in his yard. She walked outdoors to see if Marcy would allow her approach her and fell in love right away.

As soon as she saw Marcy, sick and homeless, McGinn knew she was taking her home.

“I decided to adopt her as she was inside a soggy cardboard box, shivering and had sore eyes,” McGinn told The Dodo. “As soon as she saw me, she came up for pets and was so sweet and affectionate.”

When McGinn initially brought Marcy in, she was in very bad shape. After being examined by a veterinarian, it was discovered that she had eye problems, worms, pneumonia, a lung infection, and skin problems that were causing her fur to fall out in clumps.

Everyone was aware of how long Marcy’s path to recovery would be, but McGinn was just eager to welcome her home and demonstrate what it was like to have a cozy house with a loving family.

She instantly made herself at home and cuddled up to sleep for days, according to McGinn.

After everything she had been through, Marcy was so happy to finally have soft, cuddly places to curl up on, and is now addicted to all things cozy.

“The thing she loves most is being with me and my partner, cuddled up,” McGinn said. “She is 100 percent obsessed with blankets and people. She loves being tucked in and covered up. She is on or in a soft blanket 99 percent of the time!”

Whether it’s pillows blankets cat found in cardboard box or one of her new humans, Marcy is now an expert at finding cozy places to sleep, and has no plans to stop that habit any time soon.

Marcy is completely enamored with her new life and, despite everything she has gone through, she is still so kind and trustworthy.

She may have had a difficult past, but she has now found the best new family, and they will do all in their power to ensure that she is content and at ease for the rest of her days.

“She has the sweetest, most loving personality,” McGinn said. “She is super clingy and loves all the attention. She is so warm and trusting with everyone.”


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