A Cat With A Black Mark On Its Face Finds A Family Ready To Help It


Tortilla, a lovely calico cat, was thirteen when she realized that everything she had ever known was going to change. She was regrettably discovered in an apartment a few months ago after her owner had gone away.

All of a sudden, she was waiting to be rescued in a kennel at a nearby animal shelter. The rescue community was contacted by the shelter personnel for help. When the Odd Cat Sanctuary learnt of her predicament, they volunteered to take her in.

According to Tara, the founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, “She was very adorable, purring, head-butting, and just wanted affection.”

“Her tongue protrudes constantly. It’s thought that she was born in this fashion. She is very adorable.”

Tortilla was placed with a foster family right away by the rescue to make sure she would flourish there while they started looking for a forever home.

Tortilla immediately came out of her shell and started exploring her new room. Before they knew it, the calico cat had the motor running all day long with her loud purrs.

Being the most devoted employee, the adorable cat began to follow her foster mother about the home after growing quite attached to her. She would look at her foster mother with her tongue sticking out, and the entire room would be filled with her purring.

“She is funny, affectionate, odd, and playful. She likes cuddling and making jokes for her mother to laugh “Tara said.

When Tortilla was ready to make friends with other animals, she got along well with the neighborhood dogs and cats. She was overjoyed to be in their presence and lavished them with kisses and purrs.

Tortilla is still a kitten in heart despite being 13 years old. Rolling on her back and blowing raspberries while pumping her paws in the air, she attracts attention.

Her foster family saw that they were falling more and more in love with the adorable calico every day.

Tortilla entered foster care in the hopes that the appropriate family would come up. As it turned out, she’d already found it.

From the minute she emerged from her container, her foster family was smitten with her. On the first day, her oddities, purrs, distinctive appearance, and lovely disposition won them over.

They adopted the adorable calico cat forever since they were unable to part with her. To spend the rest of her life with, Tortilla now has two feline sisters, a canine sibling, and adoring humans.


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