Tiny Kitten With the Most Gorgeous Glow-Up Almost Lost It

Maurizio wasn’t in the greatest of condition when he was rescued up by Newborn Kitten Rescue in July. The motherless 10-week-old stray kitten required rapid veterinary care in order to live.

Maurizio is recovering thanks to some perseverance and a lot of love, and his internal and external changes are almost too amazing to be true.

“He had a mild eye infection and was severely underweight for his age,” Angelica Johnson, Maurizio’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “Keeping him on track with weight gain was the most crucial part of his care.”

The sweet kitten didn’t heal right away, but Johnson refused to give up on him.

“I felt such an instant connection to [Maurizio] when I first saw him,” Johnson said. “I remember having a heart-to-heart with him in the middle of the night during one of his feedings, crying that he needed to survive. I needed him to.”

“It took a little diet trial and error to find a kitten food that he would consistently eat,” Johnson said. “He remained on a strict feeding schedule, eating every four hours day and night, and received subcutaneous fluids daily to keep him hydrated.”

Thankfully, it all worked. Maurizio got a little better each day, and his transformation goes far beyond the physical.

“Now, he is doing amazing!” Johnson said. “He’s an absolute social lovebug and now shares his days with a friend, Milana. He loves all people and cats he encounters. He also spends his days zooming around.”

Johnson finds it incredible how quickly Maurizio has changed.

The greatest word to describe my feelings on his transformation is “proud” Johnson remarked. I like to think that he put in the extra effort by being a fighter, even though I know it required some effort on my part to get him there.

In the upcoming months, Maurizio will start seeking for his forever family. He is eager to love and be loved for the rest of his life.


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