Man Stops For Kitten Trembling In Road, Then Realizes Her Feet Are GLUED To The Ground

Friday morning, Chuck Hawley from Silverton, Oregon was on his way to work when he spotted something in the middle of the road.

As he watched other cars drive over it, he figured it was a box that had blown into the road, but when he got closer he realized in horror that the truth was much more sinister.

He noticed a little kitten that was shaking and screaming in terror. Just as he was about to grab it, he realized it was stuck to the pavement. He found it hard to accept that there are individuals out there who would commit such a horrible act.

He knew he had to act fast and take the poor creature to a safe place, otherwise it could end up hit by a vehicle, Chuck carefully peeled her off the road took the kitten to a local shelter. The staff took care of the kitten and removed the rubber cement from its fur using mineral oil.

After a thorough check up, they found puncture wounds on the 5-week-old kitten’s neck. The wounds were treated and Chuck filed a police report. Everyone wanted the person who did the cruel act to be prosecuted.

Amazingly, the tiny kitten ended up being a significant hero. She managed to get through the ordeal and was eager to begin over.

Another miracle was just around the bend for this lovely rescue kitty.

Chuck and his wife adopted the kitten, they were eager to take the cat in. They named her Sticky the Kitty and gave her a forever home. Sticky is now getting used to life with Chuck and his wife and their two dogs, but something tells us she is going to be just fine!

We are still in tears at what this kitten had to through, but we are also overjoyed that she has found a home and that her tale has a happy conclusion. A priceless life was spared because Chuck cared enough to stop and provide help.


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