Shelter Stirs Up Discussion With Cute “Two-Headed Cat” Photo

Despite the fact that their mother and other siblings also came at the Jackson County Animal Shelter alongside Sour Cream and Onion, they have always shared a unique kinship. The two are inseparable and spent every moment together in the shelter, which occasionally made it difficult for the workers taking care of them.

As the animal services director at the Jackson County Animal Shelter, Lydia Sattler, said to The Dodo, “They spent so much time being as near to each other as possible, it was often hard to determine where one began and the other stopped.”

One day, Sour Cream and Onion were lounging together, and they looked so cute that the staff just had to snap a picture. They posted the photo to their Facebook page and referred to the pair as a two-headed kitten — and everyone who saw it went absolutely wild for the adorable twosome.

“Rare Find: Adopt this 2-headed cat and you get a great deal,” the shelter wrote.

There was lots of debate over whether the little cuties actually are a two-headed cat or in fact two separate kittens, and the staff at the shelter had no idea how much commotion the photo would cause.

Sour Cream and Onion aren’t actually a two-headed kitten — but they sure do look like one when they’re all entangled like that. They just love snuggling up together, and if that makes them look like a two-headed kitten, then they’re absolutely fine with that.

Fortunately, everyone else could see how much the siblings loved one another and opposed their separation. A woman recently adopted the pair as a unit after falling in love with them at first sight.

We always support her decision to come to the shelter to adopt them even though she was supposed to be at work at the time, according to Sattler.

Now Sour Cream and Onion have the best home together, where they can cuddle up and spend their days looking like the most adorable two-headed kitten there ever was.



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