Ginger Kitty has Been Working As A Shopkeeper For More Than 10 Years Happy To Assist You Anytime

I mean we have all heard cats are lazy, but that is not true. Have you ever seen a cat running around the room when they’re hungry? They will wake you up no matter what. So we can’t really call them lazy. Especially when they get angry and try to scratch everything they can get their paws on. However, we have a kitty who is different and his name is Bobo. He has been working as a shopkeeper for over 10 years.

For a person, that is a long time, but for a cat, it is much longer. That’s more than a quarter of his life. He hasn’t even taken a vacation. He’s been working nonstop for ten years and appears to likе it. And his clients adore him. You might wonder what he does. He, on the other hand, welcomes everyone who enters the store. And I’m quite sure that if a cat welcomed me as I entered a store, I’d buy everything there that I could afford.

This is Bobo, the hardworking shopkeeper.

He may look grumpy here but he is adorable and loves all the customers.

That is one healthy cat.

He seemed to be on his way to winning the lottery!

Bobo, also known as King Bobo has actually gone viral on the Internet as many cats before him have. And that has garnered him over seventeen thousand followers on Instagram. So if you want to see even more shenanigans of Bobo, you can check out his Instagram and get your fill. Bobo is an old kitty but he is still as spry as hell. And he is known as a public figure which I totally understand.

Here he is turning his nose up at everything in the store.


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