Rescuers Returned To Find Their Mother After Diiscovering Kittens In T Rubbish Bag

An animal rights advocate in Los Angeles named Brenda Ortiz learned about a family of cats that had been dumped in the South Central neighborhood.

Four kittens were discovered in a plastic bag by a kind neighbor who had heard meowing in an alley. “She brought them inside and fed and watered them. They were malnourished and dehydrated, recalls Brenda.

Animal rights advocates heard Brenda’s scream. An organization of volunteers in San Diego called Saving One Life – San Diego, which opposes animal euthanasia, offered to take the kittens right away.

“Everything is crammed in with us, just like all of our coworkers during kitten season. But after watching the video, we realized we had to take action, says Brianne Youngberg, California’s Saving One Life director. Many volunteers volunteered to accompany them to a different location.

The kittens have had a medical checkup, plenty of food, and a warm, comfortable place to rest. They need round-the-clock special care since they were very malnutrition, two of them were dehydrated.

Vera, Lyubov, Nadezhda, and Dushenka all successfully recovered over the following several days, putting on weight and gaining muscle.

Rescuers continued their investigation into the mother cat. They promptly phoned the neighborhood shelter as soon as they learned that she and the other kittens had been captured by the trapping service. Though two of the kittens perished, it was still feasible to preserve the mother cat and her final baby.

“The remaining kitten was discovered to be a boy, and he was given the name Miracle. She was saved along with her mother. Mom’s name was Fortuna.

The mother-son team arrived for overexposure yesterday. The other four noticed their familiar scent as soon as they were placed in the “nursery.”

They walked up to their mother and dashed off to the milk stand together. As soon as Fortune saw her kids, she started nursing them. She was glad to have them back with her.

“It’s so good to see them all together again! Everyone is happy that the kittens have their mother and brother back, according to the rescuers.

To stand securely on their paws, they will all require more care and attention. But they can be adopted as soon as they recuperate.

With the return of Fortune, the kittens blossomed. There is nothing better than a mother’s love.

“We are very happy that everything turned out this way. A lot of caring people had a hand in this.



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