Kitten with Cutest Grandpa Face Determined to Win Everyone Over with His Charm

Stephanie Medrano, a fosterer of Stray Cat Alliance (in Los Angeles), received an urgent plea about a tiny newborn Himalayan kitten needing rescue. The little guy was born with twisted hind legs and a cleft palate. Despite it all, the kitten had a good appetite and was in good spirits, showing a strong will to live.

The owners of the kitten received a grim diagnosis from the vet. They didn’t know how to care for his legs properly, but wanted to get him help. When Stephanie learned about his situation, she immediately stepped up to the plate.

“I agreed to take the kitten that same day. I got him a few hours after birth,” Stephanie shared with Love Meow.

“I thought of his name ‘Grandpa’ as soon as I saw his face,” Stephanie added.

Sweet Grandpa sports the cutest old man face that only adds to his character. Due to his cleft palate, he has to be tube-fed around the clock, a trained feeding technique to prevent the kitten from aspirating.

After getting a full belly, Grandpa settled comfortably in an incubator and went right to sleep.

They placed a cuddle toy with a heartbeat (faux mama) inside the incubator to keep him company, so Grandpa would never feel alone.

To help correct his twisted legs, Stephanie has started massaging them every couple of hours at meal time. Little Grandpa is a trooper and packed with so much strength and might in such a tiny body.

After every feeding, the pint-sized wonder enjoys some palm cuddling with his human before he rejoins his faux mama for some intense snuggles. With proper care, good food, and dedication from his foster family, the little guy is starting to thrive.

In 10 days, Grandpa has almost doubled his weight, and his coat is getting fluffier.


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