Kitten from the Street Flourishes into Endearing Ginger Tabby Through the Kindness of Family

A kitten whose eyes were still closed, was brought to a local municipal shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kali, a foster volunteer who specializes in critical cases, stepped up to help.

“I was contacted by the foster coordinator when the kitten was seven days old and wouldn’t latch,” Kali shared with Love Meow. “She was brought in by Animal Control, alone, with burns on her paws and stomach (most likely from being on the hot ground) and a mild upper respiratory infection.”

The kitten whom they named Winnie, perked up after a session of tube-feeding and started to eat from a bottle. “I could tell what a fighter she was. She wanted to eat, and her nose was just stuffy. The first time she latched on, I knew she’d be just fine. She ate a ton and kept eating like a champ.”

With good food and a warm place to nestle in, Winnie was healing well and her eyes started to crack open. “The scabs from the burns have all fallen off so she’s really making a fast turnaround,” Kali wrote.

As soon as the little singleton regained strength, she began demanding attention from her foster mom and refused to be alone.

Winnie was gifted a few faux mommas (plush toys) to keep her company at nap time. She would snuggle up to a cuddle buddy or lie on her back and bench-press her toy as she purred herself to sleep.

“It can be awfully lonely being a single kitten, so I try to love on her as much as I can.”


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