Kittens Find Family to Help Them and Decide to Nap on Every Lap They Come Across

Early last month, Mini Cat Town, an animal rescue in San Jose, California, was informed about a litter of four kittens needing foster care.

“They were turned into the (city) shelter as orphans at about 1.5 weeks of age,” Laura Malone, a director of the rescue, told Love Meow. “Unweaned orphans require bottle baby experience, which is less abundant, so we take those first.”

Laura began feeding the quartet around the clock, and got them all cleaned up and situated in a warm, comfy nest.

One of the kittens, Cinna (tabby), had a hard time latching onto the bottle, while the rest of the crew, Finnick (orange), Primrose (tabby), and Rue (black), took to their new life like champs.

“For about two days Cinna didn’t gain very much weight and was not exactly thriving. But he ended up turning a corner and finally figured out how to eat,” Laura shared with Love Meow.

The kittens were excellent nappers and would conk out in their bed together or on top of each other.

When they were strong enough to use their legs to waddle, they started exploring around the nursery and beyond, and became increasingly demanding for attention from their people.

“When they first arrived, they’d fall asleep immediately after eating. It was clear they were all a bit under the weather. Now, they play after every meal. It’s nice to see them active and playful.”

Laura’s husband, Foster Dad, was thrilled to offer a helping hand.

He gave each of the kittens a cuddle session throughout the day, and in return, received some support from Finnick who nestled comfortably in his pocket during his Monday work meetings.

Within three weeks, they reached the one-pound milestone, and made their foster parents very proud.

When the kittens were big enough to be weaned, Finnick and Cinna took to canned food with flying colors, while Rue and Primrose were curious but wanted to take their time.


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