Volunteers Helped A Mother Cat To Rest As Her Restless Multi-Toed Kittens Eere Jumping Around Like A Bunch Of Little Kangaroos

A mother cat and her five polydactyl kittens were adopted by the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) earlier this month. They all were born with radial hypoplasia, a benign genetic disorder that caused their forelimbs to be short and clubfooted.

A PAWS volunteer named Ashley Morrison fell in love with the cat family after meeting them at the shelter. The mother, a coal-black beauty, came straight up to her and greeted her as if to say that she was willing to travel wherever with the woman and take the kids.

But Ashley merely needed a quick respite from her charity work. However, she was unable to refuse when these adorable cats suddenly entered her life.

“They all have extra fingers, including mom. Some children even have six-toed hind legs,” says Ashley. “They don’t seem to be bothered by anything. They frolic as any kittens would frolic.

There are 4 boys (Ru, Skippy, Joey, Marsupial Adams) and one girl (Marilyn MonRu) in the family. Mom’s name is Kanga.

They quickly settled into the foster home. Kanga appreciated the comfort of home and thoroughly studied the new abode, while the kids jumped high and noisily around the room.

Pocket Adams (you can just Pochi, from the English pouch – pocket) is the main shorty in the brood. He is the smallest, but he has the sweetest personality.

Skippy is the leader of the gang. He is a brave hero who does not imagine his life without attention.

“His signature number is to jump up and kick someone with his big hind legs.”


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