Four Street Cats Stay Together Even After Everything Is Well And They Were Saved

A kind Oregonian recently came upon a litter of kittens that had been born to a stray cat. The babies were given to Salem Friends of Felines (Salem, Oregon) by animal rights activists when the mother quit nursing them so they may have a better life.

Drummer, Cupid, Tinsel, and Dancer are the four kittens, and they are all male and very identical in appearance.

Foster mother Kayla notes several variations between the two: “So far, I have seen that Tinsel has the lightest shade of fur and the narrowest face, while the Drummer’s tail terminates not with a spot, but with a square,” she explains.

Arriving for overexposure, the kittens explored their new abode with the whole quartet. As soon as they settled down, they huddled together, purred in unison and fell asleep.

From the very beginning, they showed touching affection for each other.

In the very first days, Kayla noticed that the four do almost everything together and as a unit.

If one kitten decides to get out of a cozy bed, the other three immediately follow him. They desperately frolic and selflessly doze as a single whole, never alone.

The four of them cling to Kayla and beg for attention when she enters their room.

They come closer to the foster mother one by one until they feel at ease in the ideal locations.

Kayla likes to cuddle up in the arms of Cupid and Dancer. The drummer may easily fall asleep on his shoulder since the drummer is a parrot kitten.

In order to be as near to his boyfriend as possible, Tinsel wants to spend out with Kayla while she is wearing a jacket.


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