Woman Learns A Street Cat Has Been Breaking Into Her Home Every Night

No one really saw the intruder the first night Johanna King on Long Island, New York, suspected there was one. Around midnight on March 30, her husband heard noises in the kitchen and went to investigate. However, by the time he arrived, the burglar had already left by the dog door. Even though that appeared weird, the King’s spouse speculated that it may have been a fox and went back to bed.

King first didn’t believe her husband’s account, but she later realized that she had been using a lot more cat food lately than normal, which was strange given her solitary cat didn’t consume much to begin with.

Wondering if there may actually be some merit to her husband’s intruder story, King decided to set up a camera in the kitchen so they could keep track of what was going on downstairs while they slept, just in case.

And that’s how the couple discovered there was a cat breaking into their home every night.

King was absolutely baffled by this discovery. She thought her dogs and cat would have a stronger, more vocal reaction to a strange animal roaming around their home, but besides one initial scuffle, they eventually just seemed to accept that the intruder cat lived there now, too.

The cat also looked almost identical to the Kings’ own cat, so really, he blended right in.

King told The Dodo that his dogs were worthless throughout the procedure. “I don’t know if it’s because this cat resembles my own cat so much or because this cat came in acting as like he owned the area. He seemed self-assured and familiar with the layout of the property, as was obvious from the first moment I captured him on video. He was moving about as though he were the property owner!

King starting noticing the intruder cat on the camera every single night, and was frankly impressed by how ballsy he was. He didn’t seem to care about the fact that this wasn’t his home — he made himself quite comfortable every time he stopped by, thoroughly enjoying each and every one of his stays.

“When I first saw him on camera, he slept on my dining room table for about 20 minutes,” King said. “My cat walked right under him and didn’t even notice!

He would enter the dog door, stroll around a little bit and walk over to my laundry room where the cat food is. Then end with a nap on the table! I’ve also caught him playing in my sink, knocking over dishes and walking all over my couch!”

The trespassing cat only grew bolder with time, and eventually began dropping by the house when the couple was still awake.

Two enormous luminous eyes would occasionally stare at me from the kitchen while King was seated on the couch with the lights off and his dogs at his feet. “After that, he would circle and make his way back outside. I also kept an eye on the camera whether I was away from home or at work. It was quite difficult to determine if I was watching my cat or “the Cat Burglar,” as my husband dubbed him.


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