A Shelter Worker Takes In A Meowing Kitten And Adopts It

A litter of kittens needed warmth and care when they arrived at the Exploits Valley SPCA shelter in July; one of the small ones had a respiratory problem and required particular attention. The young child was really kind to the locals while he was getting well, especially to one of them who he wouldn’t stop meowing at.

The cat, Sugar, had a really pleasant disposition and had won over the volunteers and employees at the shelter. He particularly impressed Glenn, who has worked at the site as a volunteer for 30 years; they both enjoyed their time together.

According to Sarah MacLeod, who works at the refuge, The Dodo:

“He was quite talkative and nice right away.”

Every time Glen passed near the place where Sugar was, the kitten meowed incessantly to attract attention and caresses from the man.

In all his years as a volunteer Glenn has fallen in love with many felines, but he always managed to let them find their home.

Though he had no intentions of adopting a cat, Glen fell deeply in love with the small kitten and the thought of doing so started to take root when he noticed that the kitten was only content when he was around.

Glen’s relationship with Sugar, however, was different.

Sarah tells:

“Sugar was yelling at Glen to stop working and pay attention to her.”

So without hesitating any more, the decision was already more than clear, Glen would provide a permanent home for the little pussycat; he didn’t imagine someone else taking him away from his side.

Sarah said:

“Glen wasn’t looking to adopt, he already has a cat, but he loved Sugar too much to allow them to adopt him.”

Sugar is now officially a member of the Glen Family; both are very happy to be together. The kitten is loving and adores his new home, he enjoys running around and meowing all over the place.

Every time Glen looks at him he knows he made the best decision for both of them.

Sarah adds:

“Sugar is doing wonders at his house, Glen has even brought him over to visit us.


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