Guy Stops In The Road To Save A Kitten – And Gets Ambushed

Robert Brantley was driving home from work this week when something caught his attention.

A small kitten lay by the side of the road, apparently alone and forlorn. She looked as if she had been abandoned.

Brantley knew he had to come to a halt, but he had no clue what was about to happen.

After getting out of his car to carry the baby cat to safety, Brantley got the surprise of a lifetime. Turns out, lurking unseen in the tall brush off the road, other kittens were poising to emerge —evidently having sensed Brantley’s willingness to help them.

It was the most adorable ambush.

What started off as a single kitten in need of rescue had suddenly turned into 13. Brantley was shocked, though that didn’t dim his feeling of compassion. He decided to help them all.

And with that, Brantley’s car was soon full of some very grateful kittens.

Brantley drove his car full of kittens back home and allowed them to explore his backyard and meet his family.

“The kids are loving on them in the meantime and we’re fattening them up!” Brantley wrote.

The kittens, apparent victims of abandonment, were finally safe.

Brantley and his family certainly have their hands full, but they’re far from alone. The unwitting cat dad has been documenting his experience with the kittens on social media, where countless well-wishers and cat lovers have been offering an outpouring of advice and support.

“The kittens are doing great,” Brantley said.

While it’s unclear how the kittens ended themselves alone by the side of the road, one thing is certain: they found the right person to aid them in their time of need.

The kittens’ future has never looked better because to Brantley.

He wrote, “[We’re] working on finding them all a nice home!”


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